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  • Rod System 2

    Wipers, or scrapers, provide the role of excluding contaminants from the Pneumatic sealing system.

  • Canned Wiper

    Canned wipers offer more robust exclusionary performance.  The metal can allows the seal to be pressed into the groove for maximum retention in the housing.  

  • Wiper 2

    Single acting urethane wipers or scrapers are the most commonly used pneumatic exclusionary seal profiles.

Wipers in pneumatic sealing applications protect the interior sealing system from environmental contaminants.  Contamination is one of the primary causes for pneumatic sealing system failure, and as such the selection of a proper, robust exclusionary wiper is a critical step in the optimization of any sealing system.

Some of the considerations when selecting a wiper are the following: Application Requirements, Groove Geometry, Lip Geometry, Redundant Sealing lips, environment and rod seal interaction.  Any unforeseen element with these six design considerations can have a dramatic impact on the sealing environment, and the performance of the equipment the system is powering.

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