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Mechanical Seal

  • Cartex DN 01

    Cartex by EagleBurgmann has been specifically engineered with a simple, robust design to achieve higher overall reliability and performance in extreme conditions.

  • Splitex

    Fully split, pre-assembled Splitex® mechanical seals by EagleBurgmann are an ideal solution to replace gland packing, when there is insufficient space for installation or replacement of a non-split seal.

  • Unitex

    Unitex by EagleBurgmann is a single cartridge mechanical seal with elastomer bellows, independent of direction of rotation and fits into any installation space due to outer diameter.

Mechanical seals, or bearing isolators, are designed to be used on a variety of rotating equipment.  These include but are not limited to: Pumps, steam turbines, compressors, mixers, and other specialty equipment in the processing and general industry sector.  A Mechanical seal is a device that joins two systems together to prevent leakage, contain pressure, or exclude contaminants. 

All Mechanical seals or bearing isolators have one stationary face, and one that rotates.  Depending on the temperature and media being sealed various elastomeric O-rings and v-rings are utilized to further enhance the sealing performance.

These types of seals are designed to last for a long period of time, and as such must be properly configured to the rotating application at hand.  Gallagher engineers have extensive experience in these industries and applications, and have an exclusive partnership with EagleBurgmann, a leading mechanical seal manufacturer. 

EagleBurgmann Mechanical Seals

Gallagher Fluid Seals represents EagleBurgmann, a leading international company for industrial sealing technology. Their portfolio of products includes a complete range of mechanical seals for pumps, agitators, and compressors. Whether the application is big or small, EagleBurgmann can supply the mechanical seal to solve your challenge.

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The EagleBurgmann Seal Advantage Program

Additionally, EagleBurgmann offers the Seal Advantage program - high quality service for all major seal brands. In addition to repairing their own seals, EagleBurgmann can repair, upgrade or rebuild customers' existing installed base including: 

  • Single, double, tandem, cartridge, or canister designs
  • Pusher seals
  • Metal bellows
  • Elastomer bellows
  • Gas seals,
  • High temperature seals
  • ...and more

Utilize EagleBurgmann and save money by increasing reliability, MTBR, and address your environmental concerns. Let them be your one stop for seal repair.

EagleBurgmann Repair Seal Advantage