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General Industrial Applications

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Gallagher Fluid Seals specializes in solving engineered sealing challenges.  Industrial applications such as fuel dispensing, pumping, processing equipment and machine tools are the backbone of the global manufacturing industry.  While more specialized markets and industries such as medical, semiconductor, fluid power, and aerospace have evolved with unique and specialized sealing challenges, general industrial sealing represents the majority of applications for Gallagher to solve problems and design solutions.

Meeting the demands of a global supply chain and customer base means that companies like Gallagher Fluid Seals need to be true experts in their respective fields to succeed.  Seals bring unique challenges to any industrial system.  Having the specialized knowledge and experience to match the optimal sealing system to any industrial application is what separates Gallagher from companies that manufacture and provide seals.

Below are some examples of industrial applications where Gallagher engineers have solved challenging sealing problems.

When the seal needs to work, Gallagher delivers!

  • Application Case Study 1: Spring Loaded PTFE Seal Extrusion Failure

    Problem: A high pressure dynamic sealing application was causing the PTFE spring energized seal to extrude within the hardware and eventually cause the equipment to fail.

    Cause: The seal material, a filled PTFE, was not hard enough to stand up to the high pressure (30,000 psi). 

    Solution: Gallagher engineers prototyped and tested a high performing PEEK material for the seal jacket.  This material was able to handle the consistently high pressure and allowed the equipment to perform. 

  • Application Case Study 2: Metering Pump Diaphragm

    Problem: Existing elastomeric diaphragm was exhibiting fatigue and cracking failure.  This required pump breakdown and maintenance.

    Cause: Corrosive media being pumped through the metering pump was not designed for the diaphragm material.

    Solution:  A thin layer of PTFE film was engineered onto the surface of the existing diaphragm.  This protected against the aggressive media, and pushed maintenance schedules on the pump from months to years.

  • Application Case Study 3: Multiple Gasket Component Consolidation

    Problem: 8 gaskets needed to be installed within an automotive application at one critical stage of assembly.  Operators were consistently mistaking one gasket for another, in addition to installation several of the components upside down.

    Cause: Many of the gaskets were similar in size, geometry and color.

    Solution: Gallagher engineers designed a multiple component carrier gasket.  This single component combined all 8 gaskets into a single molded part.  The new part had part number identification and showed installation orientation.  Furthermore, by going from 8 gaskets to 1 gasket SKU’s were reduced and the procurement department only had to order 1 part.