Hydro-Electric Applications

  • Hydro Electric Industry1

    Gallagher has been supplying the hydro-electric industry with sealing solutions for well over 50 years.  Whatever you need to seal in your hydro-electric plant, chances are we've sealed it before.

  • Hydro Electric Turbines

    Hydro-electric turbines - whether they are Kaplan, Pelton/Turgo, Francis, or any other - need constant preventive maintenance to run smoothly.  Gallagher can provide you with all your sealing solutions.

  • Hydro Electric MainGuideBearing

    Thordon Main Guide Shaft Bearings are grease-free, non-metallic bearings that are the superior choice for new builds, upgrades from other bearings, or conversions from sealed oil to water-lubricated systems.

Using water to generate electricity is not a new idea. With 16.6% of the world's total electricity produced in 2015 coming from hydro-electric plants, and an estimated 3.1% annual growth rate over the next 25 years, it's not going anywhere either.

Gallagher has supplied sealing solutions to hydro-electric plants in New England and all along the east coast for over 50 years.  We have supplied products for all major turbine manufacturers - Kaplan, Pelton/Turgo, and Francis turbines - as well as many other smaller turbine manufacturers.

Being an independent distributor of many different product lines, we can be truly objective and analyze the optimal sealing solution for your application.  Our Engineering Department will work hand-in-hand with yours and with our suppliers to be sure all sides of an application are thoroughly considered.