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The processing and analysis of fluids and media is a growing industrial segment.  The convergence of traditional fluid power and motion control technology, coupled with advanced analytical capabilities has fueled rapid innovation and growth in both areas. 

Precise valve technology is at the heart of the modern instrumentation market.  There is no more critical component within a valve than the seal.  Products such as Flow Meters move gas and air through manufacturing systems, regulating and controlling highly accurate counts at the atomic level.  Advanced industrial and medical laboratories require the analysis of fluids for both composition and size.  Semiconductor equipment relies on precise amounts of corrosive gases pumped into chemical deposition chambers for purification so the next wafer can be manufactured. 

Gallagher Fluid Seals has been designing seals for the instrumentation market for more than 60 years.  Advanced FFKM materials, such as Kalrez™, stand up to the corrosive media flowing through these valves and meters.  Please consult a Gallagher Engineer on your instrumentation application.

The below applications are a few examples of applications where Gallagher engineers have solved problems within the Instrumentation industry.

When the seal needs to work, Gallagher Delivers!

  • Application Case Study 1: Solenoid Valve Poppet

    Problem: Valve poppet surface issues don’t allow valves to seal at low temperature.

    Cause: A poppet is a valve component which covers and internal passage and is held in place by air pressure and a spring.  In an unactuated position the spring and nominal air pressure are required to seal.  The most critical aspect of these poppets is the flatness characteristic of the elastomeric surface.  The flatter the surface, the lower the pressure required to keep the valve closed. 

    Solution: Gallagher has produced parts that come out of the mold so flat that the parts do not require a secondary lapping process.  If you are having trouble with the quality or performance of valve poppets consult a Gallagher engineer.

  • Application Case Study 2: Chemically Resistant FFKM

    Problem: Consistent O-ring chemical resistance across customer applications

    Cause: Instrumentation sealing applications need to seal across a wide spectrum of media, typically involving corrosive chemicals.  Historically manufactures of these products would allow the customer to specify the seal material depending upon the application. 

    Solution: Gallagher engineers have found that specifying a higher performance FFKM material, in this case a Kalrez™ 6375 compound that can be installed universally across the end product, has a higher total cost of ownership for the customer.  

  • Application Case Study 3: Diaphragm Check Valve Device

    Problem: Existing diaphragm was unable to perform in the low temperature and aggressive media mix of the application. 

    Cause: Fabric reinforced elastomeric diaphragm was being utilized within an aggressive petroleum mixture at a low temperature. 

    Solution: Gallagher Engineers did an evaluation of the application and recommended a material switch to Fluorosilicone.  This material performs well in both low temperatures and petroleum applications.