Marine Sealing Solutions

  • Marine Industry2

    Throughout the years, Gallagher has provided marine products directly to different branches of the military, as well as providing sub-components to propulsion and engine manufacturers.

  • Bearings, gaskets and seals for marine applications

    Gallagher supplies products for above the waterline, such as bearings for deck machinery and steering gears, and for below the waterline, such as gaskets, oil seals, propeller and tailshaft bearings, and more!

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    With safety being a key concern of most shipowners and operators, our Engineering Department will make sure we're supplying you with the optimal sealing solution for your specific application.

Gallagher Fluid Seals has been serving the military and commercial marine industries for over 50 years.  Whether carrying passengers or cargo, for commercial, recreational, or military purposes, Gallagher can supply all of your marine sealing needs.

Representing industry-leading manufacturers such as Thordon Bearings, Garlock, Parker, Thermoseal, and more, we can supply bearings, gaskets, ABS-approved expansion joints (whether elastomeric or metal), oil seals, mechanical seals, o-rings, etc, etc, etc.

With our in-house Engineering Department, we can help solve the most difficult, and critical, marine sealing applications.  We know that improper seal design and configuration can be disastrous when you are at sea, so we take every precaution to protect your safety and get you the optimal seal for your application.