Pulp & Paper Applications

  • Pulp Paper Industry3

    From CHEVRON® vee ring packing in the conveyor and debarker, to PTFE gasketing for strong caustics in the digester, to expansion joints all throughout the mill, Gallagher has you covered.

  • Pulp Paper Industry1

    With over 50 years of experience providing maintenance and repair products to the Pulp & Paper industry, Gallagher has seen it all, and is able to provide the optimal sealing solution for any application.

  • Pulp Paper Industry2

    We offer a full assortment of gaskets, mechanical seals, oil seals, and bearing protection devices for the rollers, dryers, presses, and calenders.

Gallagher Fluid Seals has over 50-years of experience providing the pulp & paper industry with sealing products used throughout the mill.  Our main goal is to help our customers reduce downtime, increase efficiency, conserve resources, and improve safety in all paper processing applications.

For all stages of the paper making process, from debarking, to the digester, to rolling, Gallagher can offer sealing technologies that improve productivity and increase your bottom line.  We also offer value-added services, such as expansion joint surveys, pump and packing schools, gasket measurement and installation assistance, and many others.  We want to be your partner and not just your supplier - your success is our success.

With our own Engineering Department, Gallagher can help solve the most difficult, and critical, sealing applications in the pulp and paper industry.  And as an independent distributor of many different brands, we are able to remain truly objective and find the optimal sealing solution for your application.  

Consult a Gallagher engineer with your pulp & paper sealing application.