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    Specializing in sheet gasket cutting Gallagher offers a comprehensive combination of material and shapes. Submit your gasket print to a Gallagher Engineer today

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    In-house ATOM Flashcutter (CAD/CAM), hydraulic presses, floating cutter heads, and volume punch equipment gives Gallagher the versatility to match your gasket needs to the proper process.

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    Gallagher represents the most technical sheet manufacturers in the world.  The best material makes the highest performing gaskets.  

Gallagher Fluid Seals offers premium in house gasket cutting capabilities. Whether you need a single gasket for a maintenance and repair application, or have high volume OEM gasket requirements, Gallagher is your single source for all of your gasket needs.

Gallagher represents the most technical flat gasket sheet material manufacturers in the world, including Garlock®, GORE® and Thermoseal®.  Extensive material inventory is kept within the fabrication operation for your gasket emergencies.  A delivery van further extends levels of service to your organization as Gallagher can deliver finished components 24 hours a day.

Garlock® Non-Asbestos Gaskets

Garlock Family of GasketsGasketing is offered in wide range of non-asbestos materials including GYLON® restructured PTFE gaskets, an industry standard for resistance to aggressive chemicals, and its extreme grade gasketing with Flange Free® anti-stick coating. A patented heat welding process enables the production of one-piece gaskets instead of separate segments spliced together. Garlock's gasketing products include engineered low-load styles available in either sheet form or as discreet gaskets as well as materials to effectively seal metallic piping. 

Thermoseal® Non-Asbestos Gaskets

Thermoseal Family of GasketsTheir products can be found in most all industrial and manufacturing applications including chemical processing, power generation, oil and gas, food and beverage, Original Equipment Manufacturing, and Aftermarket applications.

Thermoseal’s focus has always been on technical excellence, innovation, and dedication to the customer and their needs. Thermoseal’s Engineering Services are ready to examine and evaluate the application environment in which a gasket will be used, and our fully equipped test lab can provide insight into the performance of a joint.

GORE® ePTFE Gaskets

Gore distributor logo GBGORE® Gaskets provide fast, easy installation and tight, reliable sealing for glass-lined steel, plastic and steel flanges in the most demanding industrial applications worldwide. Made of 100% ePTFE, this chemically-inert tape, cord and sheet gasketing resists attack by everything except molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine. Exceptional temperature resistance (-450°F to 600°F) makes Gore Gaskets suitable for applications ranging from cryogenic to high-temperature processes.

GORE Sealant Technologies provide reliable fluid sealing for the most demanding applications in the chemical processing, pulp & paper, mining & minerals, semiconductor manufacturing, utilities, power generation and marine industries.


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