Filters and Air Breathers

Filters and Air Breathers

Clean Air In. Moisture and Particulates Out.

Desiccant breathers are multi-tiered devices installed on your machines to prevent the entry of two crucial contaminants: moisture and particles. 

They are built to allow you to closely control fluid system contamination. They replace the breather cap or air filter on hydraulic fluid reservoirs, bulk storage tanks, gear boxes, oil-filled transformers, oil drums, and other fluid reservoirs.


Air Sentry® GUARDIAN Dessicant Breathers

Air Sentry’s established desiccant breather series reduces particulate and moisture contamination with your fluids and equipment.

GUARDIAN® is Air Sentry's industry leading breather series. The GUARDIAN's casing is constructed from Tritan®, a patented material highly resistant to impact and chemicals with a broad range of operating temperatures. These unique features equate to a longer life for your breather and your equipment.

From the isolation check valve, to its stackable design, from its wash-down cap, or its compound indicating gauge, to the high-capacity HEPA filter, the GUARDIAN will last longer and reduce downtime giving you the flexibility you need to protect your industrial assets.

These replacement cartridges for your Desiccant Air Breather offer excellent filtration to protect against even the smallest particulates that destroy the effectiveness of your machinery, and cause downtime and costly repairs.

Stack Ring | Washdown Cap | Air Filter Replacement | Air Filter Assembly

From the stack ring to washdown cap to filter replacements, these air filter accessories can be purchased individually to replace your expired, broken, or used components as part of your desiccant air breather assembly.