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Beginner's Gasket Guide


This 54-page guide discusses proper gasket installation and important considerations when using gaskets.

Definitive O-Ring Design Guide


This 36-page guide provides technical performance characteristics for latest elastomeric o-ring products.

Spring Energized Seal Guide


This 28-page guide provides useful information about Spring Energized PTFE Seals.

Rotary Lip Seal Guide


This 42-page guide describes the design principles behind why and how PTFE rotary lip seals work.

Introduction to Perfluoroelastomers (FFKM)


The use of elastomers is widespread in our world. Elastomers have many uses including: sealing fluids, for tires, in chemical plants, in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, for dust and moisture seals on cell phones, and seals on aircraft engines. 

Perfluoroelastomers for the Semicon Industry


Seals made from perfluoroelastomers have become more common in the semiconductor industry due to their high temperature capabilities and lower contamination and chemical resistance.

High Performance Elastomer Seals for Instrumentation


While standard elastomers are used in many applications, some instrument seals are subjected to high temperatures, harsh chemicals, and/or aggressive cleaning solutions. Inside, you’ll learn about In-Line Process Applications, Laboratory Equipment, and Seal/Groove Design Considerations

Failure Modes of Elastomers in Semicon Industry


Perfluoroelastomers used in the semiconductor industry are designed to meet the exacting performance requirements of integrated circuit manufacturers. But elastomers can’t solve every sealing application, nor do they last forever.

Expansion Joint Design Guide


Expansion joints are built to expand, contract and adjust without straining or breaking piping or ducting, essentially protecting a piping system from damage.

There are several factors to consider when selecting an expansion joint, which is why we’ve created our Expansion Joint Design Guide.

Rubber EJ Surveys & Failure Analysis


This guide discusses the importance of inspecting your plant's expansion joints. Proper design and maintenance of rubber EJ's play a major role in the overall preservation and lifespan of a piping system. 

It will also discuss failure analysis of rubber expansion joints and some of the leading causes of joint failure.

Application Case Studies - Valves, Cylinders, & more


This case study looks at three typical problems we see in the fluid power industry – side loading, contaminants and increased temperatures. Download this case study now to see how these problems were solved. This case study includes: Hydraulic Cylinder - Side loading, Pneumatic Valve - Contaminants, and Rotary Actuators - Increased Temperatures

Fluid Power White Papers

Fluid Power Part 1


This introduction includes, Rod Seals, Symmetrical Seals, Piston Seals, Wipers, and many more to help the reader better understand which might be best for their application.

Fluid Power Part 2


This introduction includes, Static vs. Dynamic Sealing, Leakage Control, Lip vs. Squeeze Seals, Effects of Lip Geometries, Pressure Effects and Extrusion, Friction

Fluid Power Part 3


The following section provides a general overview of common fluid power products along with a description of the sealing systems that are typically used.