Tank Car Manway Gaskets

The GYLON® TUFF-RAIL® Family consists of two tank car manway gaskets, GYLON® 3545 & 3504 TUFF-RAIL®. The TUFF-RAIL ® patent pending technology incorporates raised sealing features for a tighter seal in less than ideal bolting conditions, even after multiple cycles.


Tested for reliability, reusability, and superior performance

Engineered to a single size, these gaskets fit the most common manways (AAR-1, UTC-1, TRN-1) simplifying gasket selection and inventory requirements.

The 3545 TUFF-RAIL® is easily installed with excellent load retention, maintaining a tight seal even during heavy vibration and thermal cycling. 

A blend of aluminosilicate and PTFE, the 3504 TUFF-RAIL® offers excellent compressibility and a wide range of chemical compatibility.