Symmetrical Seals

GFS Symmetrical Rod and Piston Seals

Symmetrical Seals can be used as either Rod or Piston Seals.  Both the outer and inner sealing lips are designed and manufactured to optimize both Rod and Piston sealing applications. Symmetrical seals exist because they can be used for both applications, and lets users keep less stock on hand. GFS Symmetrical sealing profiles are offered in either traditional U-Cup profiles, or O-ring energized U-Cup profiles. Both are offered for sale below.


For optimal sealing performance asymmetrical Rod and Piston seals offer superior performance.  Symmetrical seals lack some of the specific features like specialized lip sealing configurations and secondary sealing lips. However, Symmetrical Rod and Piston seals offer great performance for a wide range of hydraulic sealing applications.

Symmetrical Seal applications can be very demanding on the seals.  GFS Engineers are available to consult on any Symmetrical Seal application.  Click here to contact a GFS Engineer.



GFS Polyurethane 95A is a 95 durometer thermoplastic polyurethane material appropriate for the vast majority of hydarulic piston seal applications.  It offers some hydrolysis resistance. Material data sheet can be viewed here.

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