Fluid Sealing Case Studies

NEW! Case Study: Molded FKM Vent Seal

GFS identified the application parameters and designed a custom FKM seal to meet the chemical compatibility and temperature requirements.

The solution was a great success, helping to upgrade the customer product line, eliminate failures, and increase their output.

Case Study: Massive 80ft Dia. Sewage Tank Gaskets

No project is too small for GFS. This customer needed a MASSIVE 80ft diameter tank gasket for their sewage digestion tank.

Gallagher engineers reviewed the parameters and developed an interlocking EPDM gasket that allowed for sealing of the large containment vessel.

Case Study: Custom-Molded Gasket & Engineered Profile

GFS designed a custom-molded gasket, with an engineered profile, which provided optimal sealing performance in the application.

Our solution was a success; it eliminated water intrusion and potential damage, reduced warranty claims, & provided more reliability.

Case Study: Custom-Molded Rubber-to-Metal Solution

GFS designed a custom sealing solution that would mold the seal directly onto the metal component part, eliminating manual labor.

The custom-molded rubber part was able to increase production output by eliminating the maunal installation stage in the production line.

Application Case Studies - Valves, Cylinders, & more

This case study looks at three typical problems we see in the fluid power industry – side loading, contaminants and increased temperatures.

This case study includes: Hydraulic Cylinder - Side loading, Pneumatic Valve - Contaminants, and Rotary Actuators - Increased Temperatures.