Fluid Sealing Case Studies

NEW! Lip Seal

Gallagher engineers worked with the customer to switch their existing lip seal design to a spring energized seal and also recommended a material change to UHMW-PE.

The customer reduced downtime and saved money, as well as enjoyed a more reliably sealed product.

Custom-Molded FFKM Bladder

Gallagher engineers worked with the customer to develop a custom-molded FFKM compensation bladder. Gallagher collaborated with our FFKM supplier-partner to develop a low-temp 60 duro compound that satisfied the needs of the customer’s temperature, enviromental, and flexibility requirements.

Case Study: Spring Energized PTFE Seal

Gallagher’s team performed friction calculations to develop a low friction spring energized seal that demonstrated low break-away characteristics.

The success of this spring energized seal led to increased seal life and higher production throughput via reducing friction.

Case Study: Molded FKM Vent Seal

GFS identified the application parameters and designed a custom FKM seal to meet the chemical compatibility and temperature requirements.

The solution was a great success, helping to upgrade the customer product line, eliminate failures, and increase their output.

Case Study: Massive 80ft Dia. Sewage Tank Gaskets

No project is too small for GFS. This customer needed a MASSIVE 80ft diameter tank gasket for their sewage digestion tank.

Gallagher engineers developed an interlocking EPDM gasket that allowed for sealing of the large containment vessel.

Case Study: Custom-Molded Gasket

GFS designed a custom-molded gasket, with an engineered profile, which provided optimal sealing performance in the application.

Our solution was a success; it eliminated water intrusion and potential damage, reduced warranty claims, & provided more reliability.

Case Study: Custom-Molded Rubber-to-Metal Solution

GFS designed a custom sealing solution that would mold the seal directly onto the metal component part, eliminating manual labor.

The custom-molded rubber part was able to increase production output by eliminating the maunal installation stage in the production line.

Application Case Studies - Valves, Cylinders, & more

This case study looks at three typical problems we see in the fluid power industry – side loading, contaminants and increased temperatures.

This case study includes: Hydraulic Cylinder - Side loading, Pneumatic Valve - Contaminants, and Rotary Actuators - Increased Temperatures.