Fluid Sealing Case Studies

Case Study: Custom-Molded Rubber-to-Metal Solution


GFS designed a custom sealing solution that would mold the seal directly onto the metal component part, eliminating manual labor.

The custom-molded rubber part was able to increase production output by eliminating the maunal installation stage in the production line.

Case Study: Custom-Molded Gasket & Engineered Profile


GFS designed a custom-molded gasket, with an engineered profile, which provided optimal sealing performance in the application.

Our solution was a success; it eliminated water intrusion and potential damage, reduced warranty claims, & provided more reliability.

Application Case Studies - Valves, Cylinders, & more


This case study looks at three typical problems we see in the fluid power industry – side loading, contaminants and increased temperatures.

This case study includes: Hydraulic Cylinder - Side loading, Pneumatic Valve - Contaminants, and Rotary Actuators - Increased Temperatures.