GFS-P09 Piston Seal

GFS-P09 Piston Seal

The GFS-P09 Piston Seal is a single-acting seal energized by a special slant coil spring. The advantage of this seal lies in its low friction and relatively constant preloading force over a relatively large deformation range. The seal should be used wherever friction has to be kept within a narrow tolerance zone.

Operating Parameters

Pressure (S):            5,800psi   (400Bar)
Pressure (D):            2,900psi   (200Bar)
Operating Temp.:  -95º-570ºF   (-70º-300ºC)
Speed (L):                  50ft/sec   (15m/sec)
Speed (R):                 4.2ft/sec   (1.3m/sec)

(S) = Static, (D) = Dynamic, (L) = Linear, (R) = Rotary, Oscillating, Helix

Similar Operating Performance To:

Trelleborg Turcon® Variseal W2

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