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Bonded Rubber

  • GFS Molded Poppet

    Molding the elastomer a consistent thickness across the mating metallic component is critical to achieve consistent sealing.

  • rubber2

    Solenoid Valve Inserts seal at very low PSI.  Flatness characteristics are critical to a proper seal.  Materials include NBR, FKM, and FFKM or Kalrez.

  • rubber3

    Over molded carrier gaskets can incorporate multiple elastomers into the same component.  Logos, part #’s and installation orientation will reduce errors. 

Rubber molded to Metal or Plastic, also referred to as rubber over molding, continues to be a growing product category for Gallagher.  Common in solenoid valve sealing applications, a thin layer of elastomeric material is chemically or mechanically bonded to a metal component.  This process requires accurate design and manufacturing techniques.

These applications require a strong bond at the substrate level.  There are some guidelines for molding rubber to metal or plastic.  First, ensure that the metallic component is prepared to receive the elastomeric material.  This is accomplished through a chemical ‘Etching.’  Best results come from molding as high a percentage of the metallic surface as possible, and maintaining a minimum thickness of rubber. 

Secondary processes such as lapping and de-flashing Are application dependent.  An additional class of over molded gasket components has evolved from the automotive industry.  The goal is often to turn multiple parts in to one assembly to reduce SKU’s and aid installation.  Efficiency’s in assembly typically outweigh initial tooling investments.

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