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Elastomeric O-Ring Seals

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    Elastomeric O-Rings continue to be the most versatile sealing product manufactured today.

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    The proper amount of 'Squeeze,' or the relationship between the O-ring cross section and the hardware grooves, is best designed in consultation with a Gallagher engineer. 

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    Non-Standard diameters can be extruded and spliced as 'Cord-Rings.'  The bond on these seals is of varying strengths so consult a Gallagher engineer.

O-Rings continue to be the most widely utilized sealing product.  While the ‘Donut’ shaped profile has by and large been kept intact since their inception, continued elastomeric development has pushed O-ring temperature and chemical compatibility to limits unimaginable several decades ago.

Case Study Icon FAThe following advantages of O-rings are as relevant today as they were at their inception.  O-Rings seal over a wide range of pressure, temperatures and tolerances.  They also have tremendous ease of service over the course of product life and use a small percentage of hardware space.  O-Ring failure is typically gradual and easily identified.  Finally, they are a cost-effective sealing solution relative to their product counter parts.

Mouse over the above images to learn more about these products.  Consult a Gallagher Engineer with specific application questions.