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Hollow O-Ring

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    Spliced and vulcanized hollow O-rings are a tremendous static environmental seal.  Their low closure force reduces compression set dramatically.

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    Because these o-rings are hollow, the groove design calculations are slightly different.  A Gallagher engineer can assist you with your application.

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    The minimum size for a vulcanized hollow O-ring is 1.5.” diameters below this length impact the strength of the joint.

Hollow O-rings are extruded and vulcanized at their joint.  Because they are extruded rather than molded little to no tooling is required for custom cross sections and diameters.  The minimum diameter for an extruded and vulcanized hollow O-ring is 1.5" to ensure adequate joint strength. 

These seals are ideal for environmental applications where closure force has caused high levels of compression set in a traditional O-ring.  Application examples are any electronic box exposed to the environment, lighting applications such as flash lights or outdoor lighting housings.  Hard to reach equipment is ideal for this type of seal because of the extended life compared to a traditional o-ring.  

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