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    Quad-Rings™ offer tremendous resistance to ring spiraling, a common failure mode of traditional O-rings.

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    Traditional O-ring grooves must be wide enough for O-rings to roll in order to prevent break away friction.  

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    Quad-Rings™ have less squeeze over their life span which increases their seal life compared to traditional O-rings.

Quad-Rings™, or lobed rings, as designed to take the place of a traditional O-ring. These products fit in the same grooves as O-rings, and function much the same.  Mold parting lines are located between the lobes, as opposed to one the actual sealing surface with O-rings.  This eliminates a leak path compared to an O-ring.

Case Study Icon FASpecific sealing applications are perfect for Quad-Rings™ and a Gallagher engineer can help you identify the specific advantages of using this product. 

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