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Aerospace Sealing Applications

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The Aerospace industry is synonymous with Safety, Performance and Innovation.  Both civilian and military sealing applications push the limit.  Industry trends such as increased fuel efficiency, lighter equipment, more extreme altitudes and temperature considerations all have significant sealing application impacts. 

Gallagher has more than 60 years of aerospace sealing expertise.  Advances in aerospace sealing has driven innovation across the entire sealing landscape.  Hydraulic and other motion control systems need to operate with 0% failure rates in extreme operating conditions.  This combination has driven advances in materials, sealing profiles, geometries, and sealing systems with critical back-up and fail safe measures to ensure safety for airline passengers, operators and equipment.

Gallagher offers products manufactured in accordance with AS9100 specifications.  Internal quality standards ensure that components supplied within the aerospace industry have all the required quality documentation, and have undergone extensive QC inspection, verification and assurance before arriving at the customer. 

The below aerospace sealing applications are only a fraction of the current portfolio of existing customers and projects.  Consult a Gallagher engineer with your aerospace sealing challenges.  

When the seal matters, Gallagher delivers!

  • Application Case Study 1: Actuators

    Problem: Poor friction properties of aircraft landing equipment actuators was causing a ‘Stick-Slip’ action upon extension.

    Cause: Traditional elastomeric and urethane seals require higher levels of startup force to overcome the friction values at initiation.  This causes system issues and will eventually erode the seal.

    Solution: PTFE seals installed in place of urethane or elastomeric piston and rod seals in these actuators will solve the friction issue and offer consistent system performance over the life of the actuator.

  • Application Case Study 2: Aircraft Door Frames

    Problem: Solid extruded door frame seals perform well initially, but after extended use take on a compression set that decreases sealing performance.

    Cause: All solid elastomeric profiles will eventually take on a set that will not rebound.  This failure mode is called "Compression Set."

    Solution: Gallagher works with a number partners with advanced extrusion capabilities.  Custom door and window frame seals that offer hollow interiors stand up to the rigors of extended use while offering low closure force.  These eliminates the problem of compression set.

  • Application Case Study 3: Helicopter Rotary Sand Exclusion

    Problem: Existing exclusionary rotary seal was not performing in hostile sand and dusty environments. 

    Cause: Solid particulates were passing through existing seal lip and entering metal bearings, causing erosion and eventual bearing failure.

    Solution: Through Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Gallagher engineers were able to design an enhanced exclusionary lip design that performed stronger in micro-particulate environments.  Consequently the life of the helicopter bearings were able to be extended dramatically and equipment maintenance and downtime were significantly reduced.