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Chemical Processing Applications

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Sealing solutions in the chemical processing industry are expected to last longer, deliver higher levels of purity, and meet several industry certifications such as FDA, BAM or 90/128 EEC.  Aggressive media, toxic by-products and high levels of temperatures and pressure add up to an extreme sealing environment.  The impact of a seal failure in a Chemical Processing environment is often catastrophic.  It is critical to evaluate all failure considerations before specifying any seal or gasket.

Gallagher engineers have deep experience designing seals within pumps, valves, separators, mixers and various other processing equipment for the chemical processing industry.  Materials such as DuPont’s Kalrez™, part of a family of high performing FFKM perfluoroelastomer materials, offer comprehensive protection against the Chemical Processing sealing challenges. 

Whether the application is petroleum refining, painting and coating equipment, industrial and agricultural chemical production or the ancillary equipment that powers or controls these processes; Gallagher has the experience and product offerings to maximize your equipment up-time, and increase distance between preventative maintenance events.  This optimization has a direct impact on your bottom line, and total cost of ownership.

The below chemical processing sealing solutions are only examples are only an offering of the experience Gallagher engineers have within the chemical processing industry. 

When the seal has to be right; Gallagher delivers. 

  • Application Case Study 1: Comprehensive Material Chemical Resistance

    Problem: Different O-Ring and Gasket materials installed on equipment throughout the facility have various performance capabilities and lifespans.

    Cause: Chemical processing and manufacturing facilities have utilized multiple gasket and O-ring compounds throughout the facility depending on what media each seal is exposed to.   This causes various gaskets and seals to extinguish their life span on different schedules causing inefficiencies at facility maintenance events.

    Solution: Elastomers with broad chemical resistance, such as Kalrez™ 6375, offer solutions to this type of problem.  O-Rings and gaskets manufactured from this high performing material can be universally utilized throughout facilities extending maintenance schedules and ensuring that when it is time for a breakdown all seals are at the end of their life so reduce further inefficiency.  

  • Application Case Study 2: Flange Gasket Emergency

    Problem: A critical flange gasket seal failed and began leaking after hours at a large chemical processing facility.

    Cause: The gasket had extended the natural course of its life.

    Solution: Gallagher Fluid Seals offers 24 hour emergency service.  Armed with in-house gasket fabrication capabilities, and a inventory of gasket materials and thicknesses, a replacement gasket was able to be ordered, fabricated and delivered within 3 hours.  This allowed the facility to continue normal operations.

  • Application Case Study 3: Pump Bearing Isolator

    Problem: Rotary elastomeric lip seals were drying out and leaking, requiring pump maintenance every 90 days to prevent bearing failure.

    Cause: Temperature within application was 180F.  Elastomeric lip seal would eventually dry out and leak.

    Solution: Gallagher engineers recommended the installation of a bearing isolator to replace the elastomeric lip seal.  This pushed the pump re-build schedule from every 90 days to every 3 years.  Based on a $15,000 cost per re-build the customer saved approximately $150,000 per pump.