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Fluid Power Sealing Solutions

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There is no more critical component within a fluid power system than the seals. Fluid Power is the harnessing of air or liquid to power machinery or equipment. The ability to keep and use that media is the most critical aspect of the fluid power sealing application. 

For 60 years Gallagher engineers have grown their fluid power sealing expertise. Fluid power seals need to withstand higher pressures and more extreme environments. While also having to last longer and seal against evolving fluids.  Strong materials, design expertise and manufacturing excellence allow Gallagher to deliver seals that exceed these challenges.

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Next generation polyurethanes set Gallagher apart from the competition. New materials can withstand the traditional challenges of previous generations of polyurethane; including hydrolysis and tear resistance. This allows customers to utilize a single material throughout their equipment and get consistent performance regardless of environmental conditions.

Recently there have been exciting advances in Pneumatics. Smaller pneumatic power sources have evolved with new electronics and micro-motors. This combination has seen a rise in the development of high performing pneumatic seals. 

Gallagher understands that no two fluid power sealing applications are alike. Gallagher engineers strive to work with customer engineering teams very early in their design process. This offers the greatest number of options for design, prototyping, validation, and manufacturing.  This ensures the highest performing fluid power sealing system for your application. 

When the seal has to be right, Gallagher delivers.