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Heavy Equipment Solutions

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The Heavy Equipment industry consists of large equipment within the Mining, Power Generation, Marine and Construction markets.  The common theme is that the equipment is expensive, operates in extreme environments, interacts with corrosive media and needs to perform at 100% capacity over long periods between maintenance breakdowns. 

Gallagher Fluid Seals has been designing sealing systems in these markets for over 60 years.  Whether it is an OEM application for an agricultural power transmission system, or a scheduled MRO preventative breakdown for a Pulp and Paper Mill, Gallagher engineers can ensure the proper sealing system.

Drawing from the most advanced sealing materials in the world Gallagher understands the rigors heavy equipment puts on seals.  The below application examples are a small sample of Gallagher's ability to solve problems within the Heavy Equipment industry.

When the seal has to work, Gallagher Delivers! 

  • Application Case Study 1: Strut Seal Bearings

    Problem: Heavy Equipment Strut seal bearings were exhibiting very short life spans, causing short maintenance cycles and equipment downtime

    Cause: Hardware dimensions were being improperly calculated with respect to seals.  There was too much clearance between the rod bearings and the piston shaft, causing metal on metal contact.

    Solution: Gallagher engineers consulted with the customer to reconfigure hardware.  A smaller gap was designed into the rod sealing system, dramatically improving bearing performance and lifespan.

  • Application Case Study 2: Submerged Industrial Gear

    Problem: Location of gear motor is submerged 40 feet under water on a drilling rig.  Life of seal needed to be maximized to prevent any maintenance.

    Cause: Traditional elastomeric lip seal was wearing too fast.  Pressures at depth were further eroding seal performance and wear characteristics.

    Solution: A PTFE canned rotary lip seal was designed by Gallagher Engineers to withstand both the environmental pressures and life requirements to avoid any maintenance for 3 years.  

  • Application Case Study 3: 6 Port Rotary Union

    Problem: Seals rotated in grooves, causing premature failure

    Cause: Excessive axial hardware clearance, combined with high pressures and a lack of squeeze, all contributed to the seal rotating within the hardware.

    Solution: Gallagher engineers reconfigured the hardware and increased the axial squeeze on the seal all of which dramatically reduced the rotational properties, and extended the life and performance of the seal.