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Life Sciences Applications

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Gallagher Fluid Seals has a strong presence within the Medical and Life Science Industries.  Being the first seal distributor to achieve ISO 9001 certification, a robust quality system is at the heart of all company activities.  This quality focus is required to participate within the heavily regulated medical and life science markets.

Gallagher offers a wide-range of USP Class VI and FDA materials.  These materials are supplied in both standard and custom shapes.  Medical and Life Science applications include medical device, diagnostic equipment, drug delivery, pharmaceutical manufacturing and biotechnology.

Discuss your applications and design requirements with a Gallagher engineer.  Gallagher is very experienced with the long development cycle that medical applications often present.  The need to provide prototypes, testing and validation is a core competency of Gallagher Fluid Seals.  Gallagher engineers offer a number of virtual modeling options to evaluate various designs before investing in expensive tooling.  For specific applications, data and design assistance, please give a Gallagher engineer a call today. 

When the seal needs to be right, Gallagher delivers!  

  • Application Case Study 1: Sanitary Gaskets

    Problem: Product bacterial contamination

    Cause: Entrapment of material within a dead space of clamp sanitary gaskets eventually led to a buildup of bacteria and contamination of product.

    Solution: An innovative gasket profile with a nearly flush interface proved to prevent this ‘Dead-Space’ and thus prevent any excess material which would eventually contaminate product downstream.  Furthermore, compression of the gasket is controlled by a plastic carrier, also extending useful seal life.

  • Application Case Study 2: Surgical Kit Gasket

    Problem: A Multi-use surgical kit container gasket was wearing out too fast, requiring the customer ot invest in far too many kit boxes.

    Causes: The surgical kit gasket lining the outer rim of the bottom component of the container was a traditional silicone elastomer.  The autoclave peroxide sterilization process that the kit was put through after every procedure was causing the elastomer to rapidly degrade. 

    Solution: Gallagher engineers worked with the customer to utilize a more chemically compatible elastomer to withstand the sterilization procedure.

  • Application Case Study 3: Surgical Instrument Keypad

    Problem: Existing printed text on keypad was eroding

    Cause: The lack of compatibility between the ink on the keypad and the keypad elastomer was resulting in the ink wearing far too quickly.

    Solution: Gallagher engineers worked with the customer to evaluate all variables within the application.  Ultimately a different ink and printing process was specified that withstood the application rigors, including the sterilization procedure.