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Few industries have seen as much change and upheaval as the energy sector over the past decade.  Volatile commodity markets, coupled with dynamic chemical and engineering innovation has left a more diversified marketplace for the manufacturing and distribution of energy and power. 

From a sealing perspective this means new and exciting sealing applications within solar, wind and thermal energy.  More traditional petroleum and fossil fuel exploration and extraction continues to occur in more extreme and challenging environments.  This impacts not only the primary extraction equipment, but all ancillary pumping, processing and motion control equipment.

Gallagher continues to develop its expertise within this growing and evolving market.  Gallagher engineers have designed a range of sealing systems across all areas of energy production, extraction and distribution.  Located near the epicenter of the evolving natural gas industry in the Mid-Atlantic, Energy Applications have been a large component of growth for Gallagher Fluid Seals over the past few years.  Consult a Gallagher engineer with your energy sealing application. 

When the seal needs to be right, Gallagher delivers.  

  • Application Case Study 1: Wind Turbine Environmental Seal

    Problem: Electrical component box gasket was failure prematurely causing exposure to rain

    Cause: A solid elastomeric gasket was being utilized to seal electronics on top of a wind turbine.  High levels of closure force, and exposure to harsh environmental conditions eroded the ability for the gasket to seal.

    Solution: A custom extruded profile with a hollow center provided the low closure force necessary to preserve the sealing capabilities of the gasket.  Consequently the gasket now seals for years on end, which eliminated the need for maintenance.

  • Application Case Study 2: Underwater Seismic Pulse Mapping Seal

    Problem: Premature seal failure within large network of equipment.  A single failure ruined results of all equipment.

    Cause: Urethane seals were not resistant to water which caused rapid erosion of seal performance. 

    Solution: Gallagher engineers specified a new hydrolysis resistant urethane, that was able to simultaneously perform within the hydraulic system, and the underwater environment.