• GFS ExpansionJoint DesignGuide COVER

    Expansion Joint Design Guide

    This 30-page guide provides guidance on selecting the right expansion joint for your application.


  • oring design guide

    The Definitive O-Ring Guide

    This 36-page guide provides technical performance characteristics for latest elastomeric o-ring products.


  • ResizedImage348450 Introduction to Perfluoroelastomers 1

    Introduction to Perfluoroelastomers

    Download this white paper to learn about Perfluoroelastomers.


  • seal guide

    Spring Energized Seal Guide

    This 28-page guide provides useful information about Spring Energized PTFE Seals.


  • lip seal guide

    PTFE Rotary Lip Seal Guide

    This 42-page guide describes the design principles behind why and how PTFE rotary lip seals work.


  • Fluid Power White Paper Application 1

    Introduction To Fluid Power [PART 3]

    When selecting a sealing system for a fluid power application it can be helpful to review sealing components used in similar products. 


  • Fluid Power White Paper Seal Theory 1

    Introduction To Fluid Power [PART 2]

    This introduction includes, Static vs. Dynamic Sealing, Leakage Control, Lip vs. Squeeze Seals, Effects of Lip Geometries, Pressure Effects and Extrusion, Friction


  • ResizedImage321415 Fluid Power White Paper Introduction 1

    Introduction To Fluid Power [PART 1]

    This introduction includes, Rod Seals, Symmetrical Seals, Piston Seals, Wipers, ... Plus more.


  • application case studies

    Application Case Studies

    Presents 3 different case studies about hydraulic cylinder side loading, pneumatic valve contaminants and high temperature hydraulic rotary actuators.