Logistical Services from Gallagher Fluid Seals

We know that receiving your ordered parts on time is vital to your business. That's why Gallagher Fluid Seals works to supply each customer with their parts on-time as outlined in their purchase order.

Operating 2 facilities with over 50,000 square feet of warehouse space gives Gallagher the freedom to offer a wide range of logistics services.

Gallagher operates vendor managed inventory programs for its customers. This allows customers to minimize the amount of inventory they keep on their balance sheet, as well as ensuring a proper amount of inventory available at all times. Programs range from local bread man delivery to just-in-time shipments triggered by customer consumption scans. Gallagher is capable of supporting any program a customer can design.

Gallagher supports many customer outgoing inspection programs. Parts are delivered to customer facilities fully inspected and dimensionally verified, so they can be delivered ‘Dock-to-Stock.’ This eliminates costly receiving procedures at your facility. Outgoing inspection records are kept at Gallagher for any time desired.

Seal Kitting is a core competency of Gallagher Seals. Customer logo imaging and custom packaging options allow Gallagher to support even the most robust after-market initiatives. More customers are requiring Gallagher ship their material with custom bar code labels. Gallagher is capable of supporting any bar-code language and format required.

Inventory Carry Costs


  • Facility costs (Rent, operating costs, taxes, insurance, depreciation)
  • Inventory processing costs (Utilities, equipment, depreciation, operating costs)
  • Labor Costs
  • Investment Costs (Interest, taxes, insurance)
  • Scrap and Obsolescence
  • Total Carrying Costs

Cost as a % of Inventory $

  • 6% (3-10%)
  • 3% (1-3.5%)
  • 3% (3-5%)
  • 11% (6-24%)
  • 3% (2-5%)
  • 26%