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ePTFE Gasket Tape

  • S500 2 sizes frontal shadow 237x164

    Because of its internal structure, GORE® Gasket Tape Series 500 excels at resisting cold flow and creep.  Tests prove it is nearly twice as effective at resisting creep than other brands of ePTFE tapes

  • S500 installation 237x164

    GORE® Gasket Tape Series 500 forms to fit any shape, instantly. It is so easy to handle and install that even large flanges are a one-person job.  It is also highly conformable, compensating for considerable flange irregularities

  • S1000 mosaic tape 237x164

    Proprietary barrier core in the GORE® Series 1000 Gasket Tape is engineered to amplify the available load, creating a seal 10X tighter than other ePTFE gasket tapes, and impeding even highly permeating media

GORE® Gasket Tape Series 500
This exceptionally creep resistant 100% ePTFE form-in-place gasket tape delivers worry-free sealing performance for large steel flanges.

A spool of GORE® Gasket Tape Series 500 provides an immediate, cost-effective solution to sealing challenges that demand reliable performance and extended durability. This advanced product, with its industry-leading creep resistance, is designed to maximize the operational reliability of large steel-flanged applications, especially those with thermal cycling.

Case Study Icon FAGORE® Gasket Tape Series 1000
Easily and reliably seal glass-lined steel to contain aggressive media, protect equipment, and reduce emissions.
Glass-lined steel equipment is used by chemical processers to deal with aggressive media under demanding conditions. Yet the inherent demands of such systems – high temperatures, alternating system pressures, limited gasket loads and deviation of sealing surfaces – can make it challenging to maintain a tight, lasting seal.

GORE® Gasket Tape Series 1000 addresses all the challenges of reliably sealing large glass-lined-steel flanges. Made of 100% expanded PTFE (ePTFE), this highly conformable tape is chemically inert, and highly resistant to creep, cold flow and clamp-force loss. Its proprietary barrier core maintains an extra tight seal even at low loads.

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