Garlock® GYLON EPIX™

Garlock® GYLON EPIX™The next generation in PTFE gasketing...

GYLON EPIX™ is a family of gaskets that effectively seals a broader range of applications and is more forgiving during the installation process.  It allows the end user to save valuable turn-around time, reduce re-work, and lower costs, helping them to finish ahead of schedule and under budget.

Inventory Simplification

Offered in one universal thickness, 3/32" (2.4mm), eliminating the need to stock a variety of material thicknesses with different stress requirements.  This translates to reduced inventory.

Improved Load Retention

GYLON EPIX™ features a hexagonal surface profile that provides the torque retention and blowout resistance of a thin gasket and the conformability of a thicker gasket.

Trusted Materials

Made from the same PTFE material as standard GYLON® products, it eliminated the need for most plants to qualify the new GYLON EPIX™ products.

For Aggressive Media

GYLON EPIX™ Style 3500 EPX is a high performance, silica filled PTFE sheet material designed for use with strong acids, solvents, hydrocarbons, and other aggressive media. Style 3500 EPX withstands a wide range of chemicals for extended service in a wide variety of applications.

For Moderate Media

GYLON EPIX™ Style 3504 EPX is a high performance, aluminosilicate microsphere filled PTFE sheet material designed for use in moderate concentrations of acids, and caustics, as well as hydrocarbons, refrigerants, and more.

For Caustic Media

GYLON EPIX™ Style 3510 EPX is a high performance, barium sulfate filled PTFE gasketing material. Style 3510 EPX is designed for use where initiating and maintaining an extremely tight seal is critical; these applications include: strong caustics and moderate acids, chlorine, gases, water, steam, hydrocarbons and cryogenics.

Additional Information

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