GYLON EPIX™ Style 3504 EPX

For Moderate Media


GYLON EPIX™ Style 3504 EPX

GYLON EPIX™ Style 3504 EPX is a high performance, aluminosilicate microsphere filled PTFE sheet material designed for use in moderate concentrations of acids, and caustics, as well as hydrocarbons, refrigerants, and more.


GYLON EPIX PressureFilmGYLON EPIX™ and a traditional full face gasket were installed in a 3"-150# flat face flange at 120 ft.lbs. with pressure sensitive film.  The film revealed that the traditional material saw heavier loading near and around the bolts, and lighter loading at the points furthers from the bolts.  The GYLON EPIX™ was able to distribute the load more evenly and prevent the low loading phenomenon.

GYLON EPIX PressureFilm2The pressure sensitive film was then analyzed with special software that translate the various shades of red into a full color spectrum that provides a better visualization of the stresses that were developed on each of the gaskets.  Again, while the traditional gasket saw areas of lower stress (green and blue areas), the hexagonal pattern in the GYLON EPIX™ concentrated and distributed the stress more evenly across the entire gasket.

Features & Benefits

  • Tight seal
  • Improved performance over conventional PTFE
  • Reduced product loss and emissions
  • Reduced creep relaxation
  • Unique manufacturing process minimizes cold flow problems typical of skived and expanded PTFE sheets
  • Excellent bolt torque retention
  • Withstands a wide range of chemicals for extended service life in a wide variety of applications
  • Will not burn
  • Will not support bacterial growth


  • Color: Blue
  • Material: PTFE with Aluminosilicate Microspheres
  • Meets ABS, FDA and USDA specifications
    • Temperature
      • Minimum:                        -450°F  (-268°C)
      • Ideal Operating Limit:     400°F  (204°C)
      • Maximum:                         Depends on Pressure (consult Gallagher Engineering)
    • Pressure                   
      • Ideal Operating Limit:    750 psig (52 bar)
      • Maximum:                         Depends on Operating Temperature (consult Gallagher Engineering)


  • Moderate concentrations of acids and some caustics
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Solvents
  • Water
  • Refrigerants
  • Cryogenics
  • Hydrogen peroxide

Additional Information

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