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    A wide range of Kalrez® compounds have been developed to meet the unique sealing needs of today's pharma and biopharma manufacturing processes

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    Gallagher Fluid Seals is the premier stocking distributor of Kalrez® o-rings in the Mid-Atlantic and New England

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    Kalrez® parts long-term resistance to the harshest chemicals and the highest temperatures make them resistant to swelling and embrittlement

Case Study Icon FAFor over 40 years, DuPont™ has been relentless in pursuing improvement in the manufacture of perfluoroelastomer parts.  Elastomeric parts typically consist of three components: a polymer chain (the backbone of the elastomer), a crosslinking system (which links the polymer chains together and is the key to elasticity and sealing performance), and a filler system (used to enhance mechanical properties).  Based on extensive experience, DuPont™ adjusts these components to optimize seal performance.

Case Study Icon FABenefits of using Kalrez® O-rings:
Reduce Maintenance Costs:
  DuPont™ Kalrez® parts help stretch your mean time between repair (MTBR) and lower your maintenance costs
Increase Productivity:  By reducing the frequency of seal changes, repairs, and inspections
Increase Safety:  Lasting longer and performing better than other elastomers, Kalrez® helps reduce the risk of chemical exposure from seal failure
Reduce Fugitive Emissions:  Kalrez® can help you reduce leaks and fugitive emissions for improved compliance with environmental regulations
Maintain Process Purity:  Resist degradation in harsh chemicals, maintain seal force at high temperatures, contain few ingredients that extract into the process, provide lower outgassing in vacuum sealing, and meet stringent FDA regulations for purity and cleanliness
ISO 9001 Quality Assured with Full Traceability: Made only by DuPont™, Kalrez® parts are manufactured in ISO 9001 quality certified facilities and packaged in bar-coded  bags

Mouse over the above images to learn more about these products.  Consult a Gallagher Engineer with specific application questions.

DuPont™ Kalrez® O-Ring Materials


Material Family



Low Temp (F)

High Temp (F)

Highlight Features

Kalrez 6375 FFKM 77 Black -4 527 General purpose, broadest chemical resistance
Kalrez 4079 FFKM 75 Black -.2. 600 High temperature, high mechanical strength
Kalrez 7075 FFKM 75 Black -0.4 620 Highest temperature resistance, lowest compression set
Kalrez 7090 FFKM 90 Black -14.8 617 High temperature, high hardness
Kalrez 7275 FFKM 75 Light Brown -4 572 Specialty, oxidizing & reactive chemical environments
Kalrez 7375 FFKM 76 Black -4 572 Specialty, high temperature, broad chemical & water / steam resistance
Kalrez 6380 FFKM 80 Cream -7.6 437 Specialty, strong amines
Kalrez 0040 FFKM 70 Black -43.6 428 Specialty, low temperature
Kalrez 0090 FFKM 95 Black -21 482 Rapid gas decompression resistance
Kalrez 1050 FFKM 82 Black - 550  Chemical process industries, good hot water/steam, excellent amine resistance
Kalrez 3065 FFKM 90 Black 550  Good chemical resistance and excellent resistance to sour oil and amines 
Kalrez 4079AMS FFKM 75 Black  28  600  Outstanding thermal stability, excellent compression set, good seal force retention properties 
Kalrez 6190 FFKM 73 Black  572  Excellent thermal stability, good mechanical strength, used in both static and dynamic sealing applications 
Kalrez 6221 FFKM 70  White  500  Superior chemical resistance and low contamination from extractables, FDA 
Kalrez 6230 FFKM 75 Black  500  Superior chemical resistance and low contamination from extractables 
Kalrez 8002 FFKM 76  Clear  527  Excellent plasma-cracking resistance and ultra-low particle generation in oxygen and fluorine-based plasmas. Good mechanical strength 
Kalrez 8085 FFKM 80 Beige  527 Low particle generation and low weight loss in oxygen, excellent mechanical strength, good in static and dynamic applications 
Kalrez 8475 FFKM 74 White  572  Excellent thermal stability and long-term sealing performance, significantly reduced outgassing properties 
Kalrez 8575 FFKM 74 White  572  Excellent thermal stability and long-term sealing performance, less infrared absorption, and reduced outgassing properties 
Kalrez 8705 FFKM 77 Black  590  Excellent resistance to high concentrations of damaging oxygen radicals, outstanding sealing functionality in high temperature vacuum applications
Kalrez 8900 FFKM 85 Black 617 Outstanding thermal stability, very low outgassing and low compression set
Kalrez 9100 Photo FFKM 74 Amber Clear  572 Very low weight loss, ultra-low particle generation, excellent resistance to dry process chemistry 
Kalrez 9100 Semi FFKM 78 Amber Clear  572 Excellent thermal stability, low outgassing and excellent elastic recovery 
Kalrez 9300 FFKM 82 Brown  572  Excellent resistance to oxygen and fluorine-based and etch process chemistry. Low metals content, excellent thermal stability
Kalrez 9500 FFKM 82 Tan  590   Excellent resistance to ozone, ammonia, water vapor, low erosion rate, excellent thermal stability
Kalrez 9600 FFKM 70 Olive-Green  600 Exceptional thermal stability, outstanding erosion resistance, low compression set, ultra-low outgassing 
Kalrez 7777 FFKM 75 Black  24  617  Outstanding thermal stability, low compression set, excellent seal force retention
Kalrez 7797 FFKM 90 Black  617  Outstanding thermal stability, low compression set, excellent seal force retention
Kalrez 7800 FFKM 75 Black  27  617  Outstanding thermal stability and compression set resistance, excellent seal force retention properties 
Kalrez LS205 FFKM 74 White  437  Superior chemical resistance and low extractables, use in food handling and pharmaceutical applications 
Kalrez LS390 FFKM 88 Grey  428  High hardness properties, low stiction, excellent chemical resistance, for use in food handling, beverage, and pharmaceutical
Kalrez MS220 FFKM 76  Black  446  Superior chemical resistance and low compression set
Kalrez PV8070 FFKM 83 Black  617 High temp, low compression set, excellent outgassing properties, excellent resistance to chlorine and fluorine gas
Kalrez W240 FFKM 79 Black  446 Excellent resistance / low volume swell in wet chemistries, excellent resistance to amine-based chemistries, low metals content