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  • v seals1

    Centrifugal force produces a decrease in contact pressure of the lip as speed increases, keeping frictional losses and heat to a minimum.

  • oil seals1

    Used in conjunction with an oil seal, a V-Seal can be an effective secondary seal, prolonging the life and equipment up-time of any rotary sealing application.

  • v seals2

    A wide range of elastomeric materials makes a V-Ring a viable high temperature seal. 

Rotary V-Seals are all elastomeric rotary shaft seals that will stretch across any shaft size.  One of the original rotary sealing products; for certain rotary applications they are still an optimal solution for the cost.   

Manufactured across a range of traditional elastomeric sealing materials Rotary v-seals can stand up to high temperatures.  V-Seals are primarily designed to exclude dirt, oil splash and water while including lubricating grease.  Light lip pressure generates low friction.  Whether used by itself, or in conjunction with an oil seal, v-seals are still viable sealing solutions for low-pressure rotary applications.

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