Tekleen Automatic Filter vs. Other Methods

TEKLEEN® Automatic FilterTEKLEEN® water filters are the industry’s highest quality automatic, self-cleaning water filters and strainers. They specialize in providing industrial water filters and irrigation filters which are designed in accordance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII standards.

The TEKLEEN® filter is self cleaning and operates on line pressure alone, eliminating the need for an external power source. As water passes through the water filter, the dirt particles are collected on the screen. This causes a drop in water pressure. When the pressure drop reaches a preset level, the cleaning cycle is initiated. The Vacuum Screen Cleaner aggressively suctions the dirt from the inside of the screen and flushes it out the drain.  The backwash cycle is accomplished in seconds without interrupting the main flow.

But how do the automatic, self-cleaning filters stack up against alternative filtration methods in the marketplace today?  A TEKLEEN® water filter not only saves you time and money replacing cartridges and bags by automating the cleaning cycle, but is also more advanced and cost-effective than other water filter options available.

Automatic Filter vs. Sand Media Filters

TEKLEEN® Automatic Filter

Automatic Filter vs. Hydrocyclone Filters

TEKLEEN® Automatic Filter

Why Filter your Water?

TEKLEEN Automatic Filter - Fouled pipes
Cooling water pipes after less than one year without filtration

Water filtration is one of the most effective and least expensive ways to solve equipment fouling and scaling problems caused by dirty water. Heat exchangers, molds, pipes, tubing, sensors, monitors, and other parts become fouled when dirt particles in the water settle out on warm surfaces.

This technology can be used in cooling water filters, water tank filters, chiller water filters, sugar juice filters, sand filters, well water filters, r/o prefiltration, spray nozzle protection, white water filters, gland seal filters, screen water filters, industrial water filters, automatic strainers, and much much more.

Contact Gallagher today to find out how we can implement a TEKLEEN® Automatic Filter into your process, to reduce equipment fouling and scaling, and improve your bottom line.