Becoming “The Seal Specialist”

At Gallagher Fluid Seals, we strive to deliver sealing solutions where there was previously a failure – to be our customers’ Seal Specialist.  Our position as an independent distributor allows us the freedom to be truly objective, analyzing the various options available from our suppliers, and providing the optimal sealing configuration for your application.

But with many different product lines at our fingertips, how do we know what seal, gasket, o-ring will work the best in your application? We position ourselves as The Seal Specialist, but it’s not just a motto or a tagline, it’s a culture here at Gallagher.

Seal Specialist - Training & DevelopmentIn 2016, our sales team attended over 1200 hours of training… that’s more than 150 eight hour work days… that’s over 30 five-day work weeks.  They trained with some of our key vendors such as Parker, DuPont, Garlock, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, GORE, Thermoseal, and Thordon, to gain a better understanding of their product lines.

“We will continue to invest both time and money into training our front-line, customer-facing employees,” states Michael Fischer, Director of Sales & Marketing at Gallagher Fluid Seals. “These training sessions are invaluable, and allow us to speak to customers intelligently about their sealing needs.  How can we become The Seal Specialist if we aren’t continuously learning about new sealing products and/or techniques which can then be applied to our customers’ products or processes?”

Seal Specialist - Training ClassIn 2017, Gallagher Fluid Seals will continue to send Account Managers and Customer Service Representatives to a variety of product training sessions across the country, while also hosting numerous web-based training sessions throughout the year.  Below is a rundown of some of the product-specific classes/schools we attended in 2016.

  • Parker School: O-Ring Division (ORD)
  • Parker School: Engineered Polymer Systems (EPS)
  • Parker School: Composite Sealing Systems & Advanced Products (CSS/APB)
  • Garlock Fluid Sealing Academy
  • DuPont Kalrez Distributor Training
  • Thermoseal Gasket & Bolted Joint Training
  • Thordon Distributor Training

Lunch & Learn
Seal Specialists: Lunch & LearnDoes your company have a training program in place? We’d love to help you and your fellow employees learn more about some of the products we offer. In an effort to make sure your team is up to date on the latest products, product materials, and even failures, Gallagher offers Lunch & Learns for all customers and prospective customers*. Simply fill out the form on our Lunch & Learn page, and someone will get back to you to see what products your company is interested in and what we can get on the schedule! You will receive a Certificate of Completion, a Q&A Session with a Gallagher Specialist, and obviously the most important thing, LUNCH.

*Dependent on availability and travel requirements. Lunch & Learns may be held as a web-conference when an in-person presentation is not possible.