Thermoseal Gaskets Can Seal Every Application in Your Building

thermoseal gasketsThermoseal Inc., an independent Klinger Company, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of fluid sealing materials and fluid control products.  KLINGER is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of fluid sealing and fluid control products founded in 1886 by Austrian engineer, Richard Klinger.

Thermoseal’s focus has always been on technical excellence, innovation, and dedication to the customer and their needs.  Thermoseal’s Engineering Services, working collaboratively with the Gallagher Engineering Department, is ready to examine and evaluate the application environment in which a gasket will be used, and their fully equipped test lab can provide insight into the performance of a joint.

Compressed Non-Asbestos

KLINGERSIL® has a tradition of quality going back to 1886. They produce a number of different Compressed Non-Asbestos gasket materials, including their most popular general application sheet, C-4401, nicknamed The Original Green.

It earned this nickname because KLINGERSIL® materials are hard to beat.  So, competitors have cleverly posed their compressed gasket materials as KLINGERSIL® green (C-4401).  Of course, their offerings aren’t equal in quality, performance, or specification.  And just because it’s green doesn’t mean it’s KLINGERSIL®.


  • Synthetic Fiber
  • Nitrile Binder

Flexible Graphite

High strength material with optimum handling, KLINGER Flexible Graphite materials do not flow under pressure and temperature loading and are a reliable source for sealing of gases and liquids. They have an outstanding resistance to temperature variations and high thermal conductivity

KLINGER Flexible graphite materials exhibit a high resistance to most agents including inorganic and organic acids and bases, solvents, hot wax, and oils. Exceptions are strong oxidizing compounds such as concentrated nitric acids, highly concentrated sulfuric acid, chromium (VI), and permanganate solutions, chloric acids, and molten alkaline and alkaline earth metals.

Flexible Graphite SLS

  • Graphite Adhesively Bonded to a .002″ 316 Stainless Steel Foil
  • Highly Compressible & Compactible
  • Excellent Anti-Stick Properties
  • Low Gas Permeability
  • Low Electrical Resistance
  • Specifications and technical data

Mica Laminate

micaAll Milam Mica Laminates are suitable for use in hot, dry gas applications such as exhausts manifolds, turbines, turbo chargers and air suitable for use in hot, dry gas applications such as exhausts manifolds, turbines, turbo chargers and air heat exchangers.


PTFE1Thermoseal offers a complete line of PTFE sealing materials to meet any application need. Each FDA compliant material provides longer gasket life and trouble-free sealing to help cut costs and enhance plant and personnel safety.

KLINGER top-chem “Top-Four”  sealing materials offer you a choice of four heavy-duty PTFE materials for severe to more routine chemical process applications. These superior performing materials provide outstanding creep resistance to prolong the time between service periods while also reducing maintenance and the cost of replacement parts.

KLINGER top-chem-2000 – Only PTFE gasket with a Fire Test Certificate (API 6FA).  Univeral application use in chemical and petrochemical industries.

KLINGER top-chem-2003 – Excellent chemical resistance to acidic and alkaline attack.  Superior mechanical properties at medium and low temperatures and surface loads.

KLINGER top-chem-2005 – Economic alternative where service conditions are moderate.  Excellent chemical resistance in acidic applications.

KLINGER top-chem-2006 – Known as the “lye-proof gasket”.  Good resistance in strong alkaline applications, and a good choice for a broad range of chemical process applications.  Free of pigments, well suited for food processing and pharmaceutical industries.