VIDEO: The Polyurethane Generation

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has introduced a new generation of polyurethane for seals that set new standards. Freudenberg’s development of its own materials is an important core competency. The company has succeeded in manufacturing a basic material for seals with a far longer operating life than the polyurethane materials used so far.

Watch the video below to see how the seals of today are fulfilling the requirements of tomorrow.

The new generation of polyurethane was developed for a wide array of uses. It offers superb performance in heat and cold, can be used in mineral hydraulic fluids at up to 120°C, and is safe from damage due to hydrolysis even when used in water heated to 80°C. But the material is also a genuine high performer when it comes to pressure.

In a comparison test with various extrusion gaps, seals with the new generation of polyurethane show no appreciable sign of wear, while conventional seals malfunction prematurely. Its tensile strength also far surpasses current possibilities, measuring around 25 megapascals, or 35 percent above other materials.

For more information on Freudenberg’s new generation of polyurethane materials, and how to incorporate them into your seal design, please feel free to contact Gallagher’s engineering department.