1. Sealing Solutions for Large Diameter Rotating Shafts: ZAVA V-Rings

    First, What is a V-Ring?

    The function of a V-Ring seal, or V-Ring, is to act as a centrifugal seal acting against the bearing face, pushing dirt and contaminants away from the bearing area.  V-Rings are not designed to seal against fluids or pressure differentials. However, as stated above, they are excellent at excluding all sorts of contaminants. They provide effective protection against loss and maintenance, reduce wear, increase the life of the retainer and bearings, and also work well in dry running applications.

    V-Ring Applications

    picture of zava seal v-ring
    The most innovative

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  2. What is the ZAVA® Seal-Ring

    Here Comes the ZAVA® Seal-Ring

    "At last" - that's the reaction of those who have been plagued by the constant need to change rubber seals on VFA and CCA filters at pulp plants all over the world. As an electrician at SCA Pulp in Sundsvall, Frans Sramek is the man that has solved this well-known, and seemingly hopeless problem. The ZAVA seal can be mounted in minute and cuts maintenance costs substantially.

    "It’s always a pleasure to be able to offer our customers products on which they make money,” says Lars Bylund, Customer Service Division at Sunds Defibrator.

    Four hours work in one minute

    One of ZAVA® Seal-Ring's prominent features is ease of installation. The rubber ring is locked in place using a quick-connect coupling, which is impossible to separate once it has been assembled. The designer is reluctant to say more. Patent protection is important.

    As far as maintenance is concerned, vulcanizing is just a memory. The seal-ring

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