FEP-Lined Expansion Joint for Chemical Processing

FEP-Lined Expansion JointGallagher Fluid Seals represents a number of expansion joint manufacturers, enabling us to provide an expansion joint for any piping system in any industry.  One of our more popular expansion joints is the GUARDIAN® 306 EZ-FLO® by Garlock.

It’s a spool-type expansion joint featuring an FEP lining that is fused to the body of the expansion joint.  The GUARDIAN® 306 EZ-FLO® is designed for the chemical processing and pulp & paper industries, where its ability to resist corrosive attack at normal and elevated temperatures and pressures is unequaled.

According to Garlock, the benefits of working with an FEP-lined expansion joint include:

  • FEP liner is non-contaminating and can meet the needs of a wide range of applications
  • Flowing arch design prevents media buildup and reduces turbulence and vibration
  • 250 psig (17 bar) pressure rating ensures longer service life and consolidates inventory
  • Liner extends to outer diameter of flange to prevent chemical attack on expansion joint flanges
  • Mechanically bonded liner resists delamination

Design features of the FEP-lined expansion joint include:

  • Tube- Seamless FEP lining extends to the outer edge of the flange; completely fused to the expansion joint body- Incorporates a flowing arch design to resist product build-up
  • Body- Impregnated nylon tire cord fabric cross-wrapped in bias-ply construction
  • Cover- Homogeneous layer of chlorobutyl elastomer extends to the outside edge of the flange- Coated with a weather-resistant protectant
  • Special Designs- Non-standard face-to-face dimensions (pressure / vacuum ratings may be affected)- Non-standard drill patterns- Blind flanges (no drilling)- Lightweight designs available for low pressure and non-metallic pipe applications- Available with GYLON® 3545 gasket face for raised face flange connections

The FEP-lined expansion joint, like all Garlock joints, have undergone rigorous lab and field tests, and are engineered to ensure a long life and service.


  • Minimum temperature: -20 degrees F (-29 degrees C)
  • Maximum temperature: 300 degrees F (150°C)
  • Maximum pressure: 250psi (17bar)
  • Maximum inner Diameter: 20in. (500mm)
  • Vaccum Rate: 26in. Hg (650mm Hg)