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  1. New Self-Retaining Static Seal Can Efficiently Seal Bores in Non-Pressurized Applications

    Article re-posted with permission from Parker Hannifin Sealing & Shielding Team.

    Original content can be found on Parker’s Website and was written by Vivek Sarasam, heavy duty mobile Sr. application engineer, and Jeffrey Labonte, market manager.

    Roll2Seal® is an all-new sealing solution developed by Parker Prädifa for easy and effective closure of bores in non-pressurized applications. The clever, patent-pending design combined with an equally new assembly process enables simple and accurate installation of the seal, which rolls into its seat undamaged and without a lead-in chamfer.

    What can be done if a bore requires radial sealing but lack of a lead-in chamfer prevents the installation of a seal? A situation like this occurs, for instance, when an existing bore should be closed with a cover and space around the bore is too small for a classic flange seal. A seal would not survive an attempt to install it in a bore without a lead-in chamfer. Part of the seal would be sheared off at the edge of the bore even if the edge was chamfered or rounded.

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  2. Lower Friction, Weight, and Emissions - The Freudenberg BlueSeal

    Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies has begun supplying innovative, lightweight radial shaft seals to a major Detroit-based vehicle manufacturer for installation on the V6 and V8 engines powering its newest pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles (SUVs).  Enter the Freudenberg BlueSeal.

    The BlueSeal, part of Freudenberg’s award-winning Low Emission Sealing Solution (LESS) portfolio of engine, transmission and E-Mobility product solutions, provides significant weight, friction and installation advantages over traditional radial shaft seals. Under the contract, Freudenberg-NOK will produce more than 2 million BlueSeals annually. Production is expected to increase further to more than 4 million units annually with orders from additional customers.

    40 percent lighter and 50 percent less space to install

    From turbocharged engines and 10-speed transmissions to

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  3. EagleBurgmann's Patented SeccoLip

    A patented lip design and the patented combination of PTFE sealing lip and sliding bearing in the lip seal element provide the new dry running seal "SeccoLip" from EagleBurgmann with particularly high flexibility. These technical features help the lip seal compensate directly and safely radial deflections of the shafts in agitators, mixers and reactors.

    The sliding bearing tracks the complete lip seal element to the shaft movements. Since the lip and bearing are in one element, the sealing gap between the rotating shaft and the sealing lip remains virtually constant and the seal remains tight over the long term. Compensating elements such as O-ring, expansion washer or metal bellows are not required for reliable operation.

    The modular seal was specifically designed

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  4. [Video] Installation of Large Size Radial Shaft Seals

    Installing Radial Shaft Seals

    Radial shaft seals, also known as lip seals, are used to seal rotary elements, like a shaft or rotating bore. Hydraulic pump seals, axle seals, valve stem seals, or strut seals are the most common examples the average person would recognize.

    Radial shaft seals are used in a variety of applications and perform two essential functions: the first is to avoid leakage through retaining the bearing or system lubricant; the secondary function is to avoid the contamination of the system by outside impacts (external particles or environmental issues).

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  5. Do's and Don't of Installing Metal Hoses (Part 1)

    Metal Hose Applications

    Metal hose applications can be tricky. Hoses can fail or have a variety of other problems due to a few different factors: improper installations or outside factors from the surrounding piping system. In this video, Erik Kane, Hose Master's Product Specialist, discusses various do's and don'ts when installing metal hose. Follow these tips and more to help maximize the life of your hose and optimize your safety.

    This video was produced by Hose Master and can be found on their Youtube channel or on their website.

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  6. Enhance Performance & Safety of Static Radial Seals

    O-ring/back-up ring combinations have long been considered the industry standard for static applications at high pressures. In field use, however, they may show weaknesses with respect to their installation and operation in the application. Standard O-rings  are often prone to twisting, while back-up rings are oftentimes not installed in the proper position or damaged during installation. Furthermore, this sealing combination may exhibit deficits when HS Profile Radial Sealexposed to pulsating pressures and dirt. Parker has developed the HS radial seal profile as a viable alternative to to conventionally used O-ring/back-up ring combinations for static sealing applications at high pressures.

    The robust symmetrical seal geometry and use of particularly extrusion-resistant Parker polyurethane compounds not only simplifies installation but also enhances the sealing effect in pulsating pressure conditions. As a result, service life is significantly extended.

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