EagleBurgmann Cartex cartridge seals – economical, reliable and proven

>60 % shorter installation time

>30 % more economical than component seals

The cartridge principle - reliably cost-efficient

EagleBurgmann Cartex cartridge seals are fully pre-assembled and precisely installed component seals incorporated in a cover and shaft sleeve. The seals are installed in pumps in a wide range of industries including chemicals, water supply, paper production, food processing and many other applications. Cartridge seals are easy to fit, and they keep your running costs down.

Over more than twenty years, EagleBurgmann Cartex Cartridge seals have demonstrated a proven track record in sealing applications on all standard pump types. This practical seal design has been successfully established in the market. The Cartex range now includes single and double seal versions for all standard operating modes as well as special versions, for example for sterile applications, installation in positive displacement pumps and with DiamondFace coating of the sealing faces.

Get the maximum efficiency from your mechanical cartridge seal
  • Pre-assembled Cartex units reduce your installation costs.
  • Reduce system downtime for installation by 2/3, because there is no need to take measurements to position the seal.
  • Protect your pump shaft/sleeve: Cartex seals have their own shaft sleeve and do not have a dynamic O-Ring which could cause damage.
  • Reduce your life cycle costs by up to 30 % compared to component seals.
  • With Cartex, you extend the average operating life of your seals compared to component seals.
  • Problems with harsh operation conditions and/or the medium? Make your pump fit for a trouble-free and efficient service with DiamondFace coated seal faces of the eCartex series.

Benefit from a straightforward handling
  • Cartex mechanical seals are easy to install. Specialist installation is not needed.
  • Pre-assembled units enhance operational reliability. No measurement errors or installation errors.
  • Eliminate damage to sliding faces and prevent contamination during installation.
  • Cartex mechanical seals even fit into very tight seal chambers.

Meet your standardization goals
  • With the Cartex Express program, fast delivery for Cartex mechanical seals is available (if necessary) when an order is received by 12pm CST.
  • The broad application spectrum of standard materials offers you an excellent opportunity to increase your level of standardization.
  • The seals can be adapted to the specific pump design (pump and seal “from a single mold”).
  • Attractively priced customized versions

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