Case Studies

  1. Forming a Combination Seal and Bearing for Limited Space

    Difficult seal applications come from all industries and sectors of the economy.

    While far-reaching operating conditions certainly consume their fair share of engineering hours, often one constraint also probes the boundaries of sealing technology and design ingenuity: limited hardware space.

    The Client’s Issue

    A manufacturer was using a pneumatically actuated cylinder to dispense a chemical in a production process. The piston was drawn back in the cylinder thus filling it with the chemical product. The piston was then pushed forward to dispense the chemical out of a nozzle.

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  2. Gallagher Case Study: Design and Fabrication of Custom Molded Gasket

    Gallagher Fluid Seals helps meters & instruments manufacturer through the design and fabrication of a custom-molded gasket with an engineered profile.


    The Problempicture of micro corrector

    Our client’s micro corrector was experiencing water intrusion past the gasket, caused by improper seal material and configuration.

    The Approach

    Gallagher Applications Engineer Benjamin Mell worked closely with our client to identify & address the issue and suggested sending a sample of the instrument to GFS headquarters. Our engineering team received the hardware and investigated the root cause of the seal failure.

    GFS engineers observed that

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  3. Download Fluid Power Sealing Case Study

    fluid power sealingSeals are the most crucial element of a fluid power system, and the engineers at Gallagher have spent more than 60 years cultivating their fluid power sealing skills.

    Fluid power seals need to be able to survive higher pressures and more extreme conditions, while having to seal against evolving fluids.

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  4. GORE Gasket Tape Series 500


    GORE gasket tape

    Case History #ST091 – A Chemical Processing Plant Success Story


    • Location: USA
    • Industry: Chemical Processing
    • Plant: Nitric Acid – Fertilizers
    • Application: Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
    • Material of Construction: Zirconium
    • Temperature: 232°C / 450°F
    • Pressure: 10.3bar / 150psi Flange: Ø1651mm / 65”
    • Previous Gasket: Fiber sheet gasket (exfoliated vermiculite)

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  5. Case Study: How DuPont Kalrez Seals Cut Costs

    DuPont KalrezDuPont™ Kalrez® – Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

    The drive to reduce costs and environmental concerns have caused many design and processing engineers to turn to perfluoroelastomer sealing parts as the most cost-effective sealing solutions.  The value-in-use of perfluoroelastomer can be proven in operating conditions where conventional elastomers fail.  Even under less arduous conditions, DuPont Kalrez perfluoroelastomer seals can be the best solution, as they can last significantly longer than conventional sealing solutions.

    Economics depend on the total system cost

    When considering the economics of elastomeric seals, it is vital to look beyond the total cost related to the sealing solution.  The total system cost in use is the sum of the cost of the O-ring seal plus the installation cost plus the downtime cost (including loss of productivity through leakage and clean-up costs).

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