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  1. [VIDEO] Fluoroelastomer Materials

    Gallagher Fluid Seals recently posted our new Fluoroelastomer Basics webinar on  This is the second section of our webinar, focusing on Fluoroelastomer Materials. The full video is now available on our Resources page.

    This section of the video discusses different fluoroelastomer materials, along with their mechanical and physical properties, and in which applications they're normally found.


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  2. [VIDEO] Basic Understanding of Fluoroelastomers

    Fluoroelastomer Basics - DOWNLOAD VIDEOGallagher Fluid Seals recently posted our new Fluoroelastomer Basics webinar on  This is the first section of our webinar, focusing on the Basic Understanding of Fluoroelastomers. The full video is now available on our Resources page.

    In this snippet, learn the differences between elastomers and fluoroelastomers, and how the amount of fluorine in an elastomer affects it's chemical resistance and properties.



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  3. New Video: Gallagher Seals Makes House Calls

    While some businesses may have abandoned the practice of making house calls, Gallagher Fluid Seals is not among them.

    It's something we still believe in, as Key Accounts Manager Brian Gallagher says in our latest video.

    "I believe the most effective way of discussing an application or a problem with a client is face-to-face," Gallagher says in the clip.

    Find out why by watching our "House Calls" video. And be sure to check out some of our earlier video clips, which deal with topics ranging from radial seal misalignment to static seal gaskets.

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  4. New Video: PTFE Fillers Used During Manufacturing


    In our latest video, Gallagher Fluid Seals Engineering Manager Craig Beil discusses the various PTFE fillers used in making seal materials. Fillers include carbon, glass, stainless steel and molybdenum disulfide. Watch the video to learn more about what PTFE fillers can do, and be sure to watch the other videos in our series.

    Past videos have explored issues such as radial seal misalignment,  the use of spring energized seals and environmentally-designed static

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  5. New Video: Radial Seal Misalignment Issues


    Once again, Gallagher Fluid Seals is pleased to bring its readers another video. This time out, we're dealing with radial seal misalignment issues.

    In this clip, Gallagher Engineering Manager Craig Beil discusses shaft run out and shaft eccentricity, two common radial seal misalignment issues.

    Be sure to watch our previous videos on GORE expanded PTFE seals, static seal gaskets and spring energized seals to learn more about our products.

    And don’t hesitate to contact

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